The Hosts

Rick Sorkin

Rick Sorkin is a Santa Monica-based Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Creative Strategist, Plant-based Chef and Co-host of ‘Everybody and Their Mother Has A Podcast’. He’s also 6’5”, ambidextrous and followed on Twitter by Barack Obama, but we’re getting off topic.

Born and raised in Philly, Rick earned a Business Degree and a Music Degree from The George Washington University. He’s spent time on Madison Avenue and in the center of Hollywood, where he created and contributed to many of the now-common global digital advertising and talent practices. He also executive produced the star-studded, get-out-the-vote event ‘Telethon for America’, has performed at the world-famous Hollywood Improv, and has been in about a million bands you’ve never heard of.

He’s currently laying low in the desert, recording the podcast and working on projects including AMINAL SONGS (, one minute looping resistance art songs not-so-secretly about coping during the pandemic, and ‘Apocalypse Gourmand’, his forthcoming plant-based cookbook.



Sharon Koppelman

Sharon Koppelman is a California-based artist. Her abstract paintings can be viewed HERE.

She is Past Board Chair of SPIN, Inc., a non-profit that provides a life of possibilities and assistance to more than 3,000 people in the Philadelphia area.

As a career educator, Sharon taught in the Philadelphia public school system and was adjunct Assistant Professor at Drexel University, where she taught in the Master’s Degree of Education program. Sharon holds a B.S.Ed from Temple University and an M.S.Ed from Gratz University.

Sharon’s guiding philosophy is that everyone benefits personally by contributing to their household and their community, and therefore should be supported to do so regardless of ability level.

Sharon is Co-Host of “Everybody & Their Mother Has a Podcast” with her son Rick Sorkin; powered by Righteous Media.

Sharon’s stand-up comedy experience has so far been limited to a single performance in Philly at the now-legendary Cabaret L’Etage. It went very well.

Instagram: @sharonkoppelman

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