The Show

Leon’s Sad Story. Weird Dad’s in Mexico. Happy in the Wormhole. John Williams’ Impact. Viewing Assignment. Binging White Lotus.
The Sad (Revealed) Reality of Recycling. Writing Songs Together. Cigarette Cases & Barbie Shoes. Rick’s Moment of Zen. Sharon’s Painting:
Making Impactful Points with Sunlight. Visiting Walt Disney’s House. Tech Elders or Luddites? Inadvertent Color Coordination. SPiN for Life. Getting
Being Positive About Death. Rick’s Magical Mushroom Retreat. Sharon Takes the Red Pill. Babies in the Cloud. The Lizards are
Giant Jewish Weddings. The Porn Star Name Game. Haircuts in North Korea. Daydreams of Being Off Grid. Genie Lamps &
Smoke on the West Coast. Social Climbing LA’s Levels of Jerkiness. Sharon’s Break Up Tips.
Episode Fourteen of Everybody and Their Mother Has a Podcast takes a look at how being away helped Rick find
The Generosity of Drake. Birthquakes. Shopping Lists. Emails, Newspapers and Apps. Multiple Realities. The World’s Worst Ice Cream Story. How
Cultivating Awareness and Intentionality. Doing Nothing, Feeling Grounded and Slowing the Clock. Sharing is Caring. Getting “The Call”. Hope and
Impossible Burger or Else Cricket Fried Rice. Pandemic Photo Shenanigans. Keep it Moving. Intro to Zephyr The Cat’s Office. Balki
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