Too Busy for What? Talking Trees. Rules for Rhyming Are Made to Be Broken. The Tedious Side of Making Music. Dune Review.

Episode Twenty Nine of Everybody and Their Mother Has a Podcast is a wild ride. From the changes of Mercury’s orbit, to the fantasy world of Frank Herbert’s Dune, to discussions about the different ways trees talk to each other, you better hold onto your hat. We’ve also got a most fortunate update and look behind-the-scenes as Rick puts the finishing touches on one of his many music projects. It’s a great episode and it’s all possible because of the wonderful support we receive from the Metal Nailclipper Marketing Association of North America. Or is it?

Everybody and Their Mother Has a Podcast is an inspiring and fun break from the news and whatever else might be stressing you out. Our favorite Mom & Son in podcasting are bringing more warmth to your ears with every download. Episode Twenty Nine is like another big hug from your mom, your best friend, or your cat. 

The last year has been a wild ride, and it’s not over. This pod will help you recover from it and move forward. And in a brash and loud pandemic world of stress and chaos, Everybody is like a warm dose of nice and lovely content. It’ll soothe your soul–and leave you feeling better than when you started. It’s a pod with heart. And, as with every Righteous Media production, it’ll bring you the 5 I’s: Independence, Integrity, Information, Inspiration and Impact. 

Everybody and Your Mother Has a Podcast. But this one will quickly become one of your favorites. Call your MOTHER !

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