Month: April 2021

It’s a Pandemic Cat-Stravaganza. Rick’s new aminal song: “Cat on My back” Pandemic haircut dilemmas. Quarantine skills achieved. Daytime TV watching. Mysterious instruments installment #1. Sharon’s stand-up experience. The magic of canned tomatoes.

This episode has cat stories. Fun, good cat stories. And the wonderful, furry frenemies share the spotlight with their human hosts in this funny new episode of Everybody and Their Mother Has a Podcast. Rick and Sharon dig in on some other stuff too. Like the great pandemic haircut debate, the magic of canned tomatoes, […]

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Reflections, Robots & and Robert Redford. Rick gets hangry. Robots don’t care. D!ck in a box. Mean girls don’t grow out of it. Draft texts. Sharon describes TV back in the day. Changing activities is hard.

Spring is here and the air is getting fresher, the birds are chirping and Rick and Sharon are in full bloom! And that means it’s *almost* time for white pants. (Or is it?) Rick has a great wild childhood story to share that may leave you chuckling, or maybe even ‘seen’. Sharon explains how she finds […]

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Episode Two. Cats From the 90s. Three-ish Life Lessons. Time Slip. Pandemic Babies. Sharon Invents Zoom. Zappa.

Is time moving slower in the pandemic? Can your computer see inside your house? What are Sharon’s three lessons every young man should know? How many cats did she really have in her house? Are those bats outside the house or sprinklers? Why does Sharon walk backwards? How was Passover in the pandemic? What’s for […]

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Hosts Rick Sorkin and Sharon Koppelman share their insights on life, leftovers and a slew of other hilarious conversations in this season opening episode. Learn more at and subscribe now at Powered by Righteous Media. Watch the Full conversation:

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