Month: August 2021

Theremins & Making Music Telepathically. Everybody knows that August 29th is Judgement Day, right- “T2”? Rewatching ET.

Leon’s Sad Story. Weird Dad’s in Mexico. Happy in the Wormhole. John Williams’ Impact. Viewing Assignment. Binging White Lotus.

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Right Here, Right Now, I Am Safe. Abstract & Awesome. Sharon’s Show & Tell.

The Sad (Revealed) Reality of Recycling. Writing Songs Together. Cigarette Cases & Barbie Shoes. Rick’s Moment of Zen. Sharon’s Painting: “It Takes Some Time to Find Your Way.”

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Introducing David. Podcasting is Awesome. One Bowie, Three John Prines. One of the Great Helpers.

Making Impactful Points with Sunlight. Visiting Walt Disney’s House. Tech Elders or Luddites? Inadvertent Color Coordination. SPiN for Life. Getting There is the Important Part.

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Parents & Their Kid’s Achievement’s. No Corpses in the Living Room. The People in the TV. The Matrix & Time Travelling Teachers.

Being Positive About Death. Rick’s Magical Mushroom Retreat. Sharon Takes the Red Pill. Babies in the Cloud. The Lizards are Holding Us All Back. New Rick Song: “Beginner’s Heart”.

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