Month: October 2021

Too Busy for What? Talking Trees. Rules for Rhyming Are Made to Be Broken. The Tedious Side of Making Music. Dune Review.

Episode Twenty Nine of Everybody and Their Mother Has a Podcast is a wild ride. From the changes of Mercury’s orbit, to the fantasy world of Frank Herbert’s Dune, to discussions about the different ways trees talk to each other, you better hold onto your hat. We’ve also got a most fortunate update and look […]

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Love the Desert! A Lizard Owes Me a Favor?? Fussy Genies & Japanese Toilets. Must Wash Before Using. CHEAP Deliveries.

Episode Twenty Eight of Everybody and Their Mother Has a Podcast returns to where it all started as Rick and Sharon return to the desert. It’s a nice break from the city and a welcome calm to the turbulent times that never seem to end. Rick shares what it’s like to see a real road […]

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The HOA from Footloose. The Spanish Streaker Story. The Zoom is Coming From Inside Your House.

Arrrrr-chery & Reading the Wind. Meet Marc, Our Latest Special Guest. Hangovers in Europe. When Husbands Come Home Early. Elvis’s Sandwiches.

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REWIND: Cats From the 90s. Three-ish Life Lessons. Time Slip. Pandemic Babies. Sharon Invents Zoom. Zappa.

This episode was so nice we’re dropping it twice. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit this favorite. Is time moving slower in the pandemic? Can your computer see inside your house? What are Sharon’s three lessons every young man should know? How many cats did she really have in her house? Are those […]

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