Month: July 2021

Vegan + Fish = Kosher – Meat. Meeting John Wick. Life, Death, Paperwork. Shamanistic Journies.

Giant Jewish Weddings. The Porn Star Name Game. Haircuts in North Korea. Daydreams of Being Off Grid. Genie Lamps & Nike Hats. Rates of Change.

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Guess the Sound. LA Pet Peeves. Passive Aggressive Party Guests.

Smoke on the West Coast. Social Climbing LA’s Levels of Jerkiness. Sharon’s Break Up Tips.

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A Return to Reality. Sharon’s Pinball Wisdom. Sha’Carri Tweets. Celebrating Zaila. A Rare Joel Sighting.

Episode Fourteen of Everybody and Their Mother Has a Podcast takes a look at how being away helped Rick find more presence. Sharon drops some deep pinball knowledge from her game room and has a special guest visit… or does she? It’s an episode full of looks back to life in the desert, and looks forward […]

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A Pre-Pandemic Flashback. Moving to Mars. Too Much Information, Too Many Rabbit Holes.

The Generosity of Drake. Birthquakes. Shopping Lists. Emails, Newspapers and Apps. Multiple Realities. The World’s Worst Ice Cream Story. How Big Bird Almost Died in Space. Making Less Gullible Children.

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