Month: June 2021

Meetings, Memes and Mom. New Song: MIDI Kitty”. Taking a Break from Drinking. Ignoring Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Cultivating Awareness and Intentionality. Doing Nothing, Feeling Grounded and Slowing the Clock. Sharing is Caring. Getting “The Call”. Hope and Time and Acceptance of the Things We Can Not Change.

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Things Are Different. To-Do Listing. Live Events…Yes or Nah? Rick’s Massive Lanyard Collection. Sharon’s Bowie Story.

Impossible Burger or Else Cricket Fried Rice. Pandemic Photo Shenanigans. Keep it Moving. Intro to Zephyr The Cat’s Office. Balki Isn’t Making a Comeback. Friends for Lunch.

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California Sun. Making a Better ‘New Normal’. Souvenirs, Stuff & The Things That Really Matter. Listening to Sharon’s Paintings.

The Mayor of Bodega-Town. Breaking Down the Bo Burnham Special. Zigging instead of Zagging. Brewers or Witches? California Air and Ions. High Scores in the Basement and around the world.

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New Spaces, New Places. Skedaddling Away From a Pandemic.

Coronavirus can cause erectile dysfunction?? Rick Goes Country. Weedcon, The Doors and Santana. Sharon Meets Korn. Do women pay for weed? Lipstick and condom sales spike. New Rick song: “Plant-Based Disaster”.

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Post-Pandemic reflections. Moving back home. The struggle to juggle. Going on first dates.

Change is in the air and Episode Eight of Everybody and Their Mother Has a Podcast is a great snapshot of the current times. With the vaccine available and restrictions beginning to loosen, our hosts return to their respective homes and reflect on the experience in this fascinating episode. From missing cohabitation with the cat, […]

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