Month: September 2021

Celebrating Celebration Day™. Bumpy & Lumpy. Surprising Sponges. Sharon’s SHOW n TELL …don’t flip out.

Cornstarch Magic. An Absurdist’s Approach to Everything. Regrouping in the Kitchen. Sharon’s Day Goes Sideways. Who remembers Doogie Howser, MD? Celebrity Encounter Etiquette.

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Deja Vu All Over Again. The Positivity in Being Negative. Time & Perspective. The Healing Power of Art.

Up Early, Done Early. Old Pictures & Revisiting Timelines. Homemade Therapy Play-Doh. Brotherly Advice. Spoiler Alert- It’s All About the Journey. Questions About Moxie. !Outsourcing Handwriting Homework!

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It’s a Small World. Car Accidental Dials. Show & Tell. Rick’s Magical Musical Crime-Solving Board.

Bevin Set the Bar High. Deleting Legacy Contacts. A Highly Productive Pandemic. Effective Email Purging. Tik Tok vs Instagram. Being Intentional with Tech.

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Meet Bevin, Host of Fat Kid Dance Party Aerobics. Cheering For Awkward. Love and Resistance.

Intergenerational Mojo. Perfect Pandemic Timing. Meeting at the Back of the Bus. Loving the Person You’re Alone With. Plant Medicine. Sacred Germy Memories.

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Beach Life. Re-lockdown Essentials. The Possibilities of Simulation Theory.

Staying Positive in Troubling Times. New Aminal Song: “Reverb in the Morning”. Revisiting the Matrix. Nudging Down Field. The Guess the Pastry Game.

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